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    Choose Wisely

    The closer you get to someone in an intimate relationship the more you’ll experience their shadow (dark side). 

    Funny thing is from a distance it’s usually also the thing that attracts you.
    As one of my friends says, “The same thing that makes you laugh, makes you cry.”

    Building my confidence is a sysiphean task. Every day I have to remind myself: “I’m good enough”and “I deserve good things”. 

    Struggling with self confidence gave me a wealth of humility, graciousness and introspection. This, my last beau found quite attractive. But the shadow side of that is insecurity…which showed up when I was less than vigilant with myself.

    For his part, he was free and always a stand for himself and what he wanted. I found that very attractive. But the shadow side of that was a level of selfishness that was difficult to be with.

    And so it went…our shadows would muddy the space between us. And the mission (should we accept it) was a commitment to “wax on/wax off” - clearing, muddying and clearing again.

    In this way intimate relationships help us to learn and grow as people.

    No matter who you choose they will bring their shadow with them. So choosing an intimate partner is also choosing what you are willing to work on.

    Choose Wisely